Questions for Sheree Marris : Aquatic Scientist

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    Extracted from The Age (Newspaper - Melbourne Australia)
    Thursday 29th May, A3 section, page 3

    Sheree Marris - Last year she was named Young Australian of the Year for the Environment, and Young Victorian of the Year, Sheree devotes all her energy to Victoria's castal waters.

    (She is writing her 6th book : KarmaSEAtra)

    Can you predict some of the book's content?

    ...then there's the octopus, which caresses the female with all its arms and has a special penis arm that he shoves up her nostril as if to say, "There you go, darl."

    If you could live in the sea, what would you be?

    Something energetic. Octopuses are great: they change colour, have no bones and can slip into all sorts of cracks. And they're intelligent. There's a story of an octopus in a New Zealand aquarium, which would climb out of its tank at night and crawl across a room to get to a tank and eat all the crustaceans. It would leave a trail to get back to its own tank.

    Story by Marcella Bidinost.

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    That was in our aquarium at Portobello!! (before my time!) but the story goes it would crawl from its own tank into the nearby crayfish (Spiny rock lobster, Jasus edwardius) tank, have meal and be back in it's own tank before the 10.30 pm checks. Apparently the cray numbers were dropping alarmingly :shock: The octi was suspected but there was no proof! Until the night the resident technician came in at 10pm and caught the octi in the act (would that be red armed as opposed to red handed???) the octi had the schedule sussed and planned it's forays accordingly! The crays are now across the aquarium, through two doors and the octi tank is sealed with perspex to the ceiling!


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