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O. vulgaris
Nov 15, 2009
So in planning out the layout of my tank i saw an opportunity for a hollowed out hill against the side of the tank. In other words it would be a cave but two sides of the cave would be glass. Just wondering what the octopus' reaction to this would be, would the cave get used and if not could this be fixed by a piece of black cardboard against outside of glass? Also saw this as an opportunity for at night using a red light to look in on the octo while it was in cave.


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Sep 4, 2006
Gainesville, GA
You will want to supply multiple denning areas for your octo, few stay in the same den all the time. I tend to think they move when it needs cleaning and return after the maids (clean-up crew) tidy up. You can offer anything that is not physically harmful but if you can see in the octo can see you and is less likely to choose your desired area as a home.

Diurnal octos (daytime critters) SLEEP at night so trying to view one in its den will only disrupt its sleep. If you keep a nocturnal or crepsecular (early evening, early morning hunters) animal then there may be a harmless advantage to looking into the cave but even then, an octo in a cave is expecting darkness, peace and quiet.

Red lights are still an intersting topic. My briareus' can see my red flash lights and don't like them. Creepy lives under a 24/7 LED red light (as did my fully nocturnal mercs and macropus) and was quicker to show herself than KaySoh who has day lighting and no lights at night. My other mercs lived with a florescent light filtered with red velum and they would come out and be active most of the night from 11:00 PM if the ambient lights were off. So not all red is equivalent to natural night lighting but I don't have an answer as to what makes the difference.

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