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question: baby octo habits


Aug 24, 2009
i'm buying a o. mercatoris (or a o. joubini which ever the website gives me) and i need to know will it ink, does it camoflague (sp??) and will they kill there food as babys

i know that some species ink so badly that it will kill them if there not moved from the tank and i'd like to keep alive as long as i can.

if it camoflagues (sp??) than i might add a little collor to the tank with some collored rocks. also, if it's retains the (camo) collor threw it's jewvinile (sp??) stage and than it's moved to a different place will it keep it's original collor (it's first camo)

i was planning to feed it fidler crabs but the baby joubini and mercatoris are tiny as babys will the parents help hunt for the babys?

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