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Discussion in 'Tank Talk' started by Rohman, May 14, 2004.

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    Im kind confused here and was wondering if someone can help me out. I purchased an emperor 400 for my 55gal soon to be octo tank, thinking it would be a great start to filtration. Well I went to search for a protein skimmer to see which one would be the best to buy and i came upon this article

    "The best bio-filter for a freshwater aquarium is a filter with a BIO-Wheel. But BIO-Wheels are usually not used in Marine Aquariums, because the bacteria on the BIO-Wheels would quickly break down the large molecules, before they could be removed by the Protein Skimmer. "
    site (

    well what im wondering is, if this article is correct, what good would a protein skimmer do, if the bacteria are breaking down the proteins(large particles) before it can have a chance to do anything.
    (Any commintary you have will be valued)

    if i am wrong about any of this please let me know

    I also would like to say , what a wonderful site this is, and that i appreciate all the forums that are here, they have been a huge help
    (Ill try to take some pics of my tank tonight, so you know how im coming along)
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    I think it is a tad alarmist,

    the skimmer, as long as it is a suitable size for your tank, will be more than capable of beating the filter to the waste.

    Seems a strange thing to write in a review???

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