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Oct 19, 2008
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its been a while since i posted here but i havent had anything to post about until now.

so, i had a large pet octopus for almost a year a while back and after around a year it stopped eating, started acting oddly and went senile. around two weeks later it died and i decided id get an o. cyanea for my next one.

after a lot of looking around and a LOT of patience i was contacted by someone who said they had a tiny octopus matching all the cyanea pics i sent them and i bought it. i was out of town when it arrived so it was acclimatized and let go in my tank before i could see it. it instantly disappeared (as expected) and was never seen again. until now.

i had counted on it disappearing, but figured when it got big enough it would show itself and id find out what it was, only months went by and it never showed. i have some hermit crabs so i drop some prawn in often enough that i knew it would have penty of oppertunity to eat but i figured it was a pygmy and had long since died, or something had managed to kill it.

tonight i walked in and it was sitting out on display in my sump. i have no idea how it got there, it would have been a huge trek through pipes and across glass dividers, but it was there. i reached in and it practically crawled into my hand, and i was finally able to look at and photograph it. i assume its nocturnal or id have seen it at least once before, and it hasnt grown all that much at all. its mantle is probably around the size of a thumb nail and it has a huge set of eyes.

i dont know if its gone senile and decided to take a walk (it showed some mild interest in eating but then decided it didnt like anything) or it just happened to get suck down the bottom, though i still cant see how it made it. ive attached some pictures so hopefully someone knows what it is. the thing down below it is a chunk of long dead coral, but so far it hasnt tried to hide at all, even though its showing signs of stress. its possible being trapped in the lower tank for an unknown amound of time made it upset long before i saw it.

i tried releasing it into my main tank but it doesnt seem to have any interest in moving at all unless i empty some water, then it just slides down to the waterline and doesnt move, even when i completely submerge the container. it seems pretty odd to me, along with it reaching out and climbing into my hand rather than hiding, so im betting senility at this point.



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Sep 4, 2006
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Gainesville, GA
I am afraid I have to agree with you about senescence. The behavior is very much like the last few days with Wiley. I don't believe this one is O.mercatoris (webbing is much deeper and eyes more buldging) and since you were looking for cyanea I would assume he is from the Pacific ocean (mercs are Caribbean or East Coast Atlantic). Maybe O.bocki? Norman's description says there would be a pair of large black spots on the under side of the body. Another big eyed dwarf option would be O.wofi. Neither of these common dwarfs (in the wild, we don't see them much if at all on the site) show as much webbing but that may be due to the limited photographs

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