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Discussion in 'Octopus Care' started by abate, Aug 27, 2009.

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    i am planing to buy a o. mercatoris or an o. joubini and although i have worked at an aquarium for 3 years i still have some questions. if there are websites you think may help please include them in your answer. also be aware that im trying to breed them so included answers for bolth the adults and the babys.

    1st. how much water will they need (for 3 octos)

    2nd. what should i feed them (i'm planning to use live fidler crabs but they might be to big for the babys.)

    3rd. how big will they grow and is there any product to help them reach maturity

    4th. where can i get one (prefrebly cheapif theres a site which will give them away free to a research student that might be helpfull)

    5th. can they be bred easily in captivity, how many eggs will they lay (how many will survive), and how long after breeding will the adults die. and how long will it take the eggs to hatch

    lastly. what is there avarage life spand and when will they reach maturity

    i aprechiate any help you can give me and i'm sorry that my list is so long.

    thank fully,
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    I'll start you on my thread tour and one by gholland(I just happen to know of a couple :wink:) that will take you through receiving an adult, raising her young and raising her grandchildren. Each linked journal has the next generation linked at the end of the thread. There are many more threads on the mercatoris. Visually scan or do a search on the titles. See you in a week :grin:

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