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    I am exploring using enriched frozen mysids and enriched frozen shrimp with my (not-yet-ordered) dwarf cuttles. Anyone enriching their foods? If so, any suggestions on the best enrichment products and protocols? I enrich my seahorse frozen mysids with a product called Vibrance from Seahorse.com.

    There are a few articles which caught my attention.

    (1) In this one, the authors state that enriching the first live foods increased the success rate of transitioning to frozen foods. After the first 10 days on enriched LIVE natural prey, the cuttles easily transitioned to natural frozen pray and had enhanced survival.

    (2) This article is more or less a summary of the scientific literature through 2006. It also states that enrichment with PUFA yields better results (p113). My question, however, is whether the difference is enough for the hobbyist to go through the extra effort?

    (3) This article states that feeding with live foods until day 25 yielded better results than groups given frozen prey at 5 and 1 day.

    What I want to know is what happens if you feed enriched mysids for the first 10 days and then switch to enriched frozen grass shrimp (or similar) compared to feeding all live prey. I am especially interested in the offspring of the different group and the hatch rates of the clutches.

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