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The smaller the tanksize the bigge the skimmer!

An Octo produce a lot of dirt and the few water in your tank should be clean enough for it. I think a powerful skimmer is necessary.

By the way I think your small tank is right large enough for a Bluering, not more! Think about to get a biggaone!



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well moron

a pygmy's entire lifespan could be somewhere between 6 months and 8 months depending on species ... sorry its not an exact measurement.

yes, you are right not to get a blue ring :)


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moron_aaron said:
whoa so the smaller the tank the BIGGER the skimmer must be?
wow first time heard such things since.......inverse proportions :lol:
It's actually quite easy to understand: The smaller the tank, the quicker the water gets polluted thus the bigger has the skimmer to be to effectively get the stuff out fast enough.

Also your tank IS too small. I'm sorry but thats an unalterable fact :|


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It's natural for people to pick up the name you've chosen, which is "moron_aaron".

The best way to avoid being called "moron" is not to make it part of your TONMO name, since it appears whenever you post.



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Ok ron,

to the skimmer topic:

What I wanted to say was that I won't run an Octotank without a skimmer because of the pollution.
The tanksize which is published by the skimmermanufactor should be multiplicated by 2 (or 4). That is a rule for reeftanks with a heavy fish population.
For example: Use a skimmer which is produced for 800 l in an Oktotank with 200 - 250 l.
If you'll use a mudfilter or a DeepSandBed, the skimmer can be smaller.



Pygmy Octopus
I'll try to ...

An Oktopus is at the top of the food chain??? (Nahrungskette). They are very succesful preditors, thats the reason why it is not necessary for them to use the nutrients of thier food in a efficient way.
They are producing a very big waterpollution when they are eating.
To keep your water clean you need bakteria in your tank, therefore your tank needs place for the settlement of this bacteria (liverock and sand, here you can add an sumpfilter with mud). The bigger molecules need to be removed from the tank, that is made by the skimmer.
The manufacturer of the skimmer describes only the size of tanks for which you can use the skimmer. But they dont say anything about the number of fish (wich produce the pollution) in the tanks. If you have only few water in the tank and much pollution you have to clean it very good.

That is the reason why I suggest to use a 800 l Skimmer in an octotank of only 200 - 250 l.

A short way of description could be like this:

You won't like to swim in your own sh*t as well! :mrgreen:

Greetz from the sunny beaches of Germany!

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