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Got my coral propagation system.


*Custom multi-layered wooden stand
*2 36"x18"x8" frag tanks RR with durso standpipes
*Custom sump with fixed and movable baffles for skimmer, fuge and return pump with clamp-on fuge light
*Upper level lighting setup of 1 x 175 MH and 2 x 96 watt vhos with reflectors (for LPS and SPS)
*Lower level lighting setup of 4 x 98 watt vhos (for softies)
*Mag 24 pump with returns to both levels through 2 SQWDs
*BakPak 2 skimmer w/MJ1200 upgrade
*Auto top-off

$480-delivered. Haven't set it up completely yet, but I plugged everything up and everything works like a charm. I have the 60-gallon 6-sided tank right next to it. Now I just gotta figure out how I'm going to plumb it into the prop system so I have my ceph baby tank too.

Pics don't do it justice...


Animal Mother

Soon, very soon. Dallas Coral Farmers Market in a few weeks. Saving some money for that occasion. If I'm going to bother with the expense of propagating some stuff, I want some prime pieces. So far I got some Dendrophyllia, Duncans, Japanese acans and micromussa (:goofysca:)... got a lot of softy stuff in our tanks already that are taking over. Once that's all settled in I'll focus on acquiring some cephs of sorts for that project.


Out of all the ceph tanks ive seen so far, yours has the most corals and whatnot in it. It's an oceanic garden with Kalypso just chillin in it. When I get to that stage of settin up i'm probably gonna be hittin you up for ideas.

Animal Mother

Note the majority of it is Kenya Tree... extremely easy and prolific. Sinularia, Anthelia, a bit of Xenia (some of it melted off) really not much else in there but tons of caulerpa. The other stuff is in a 140 mixed community. I put the paly's I had in Grover's tank and once she discovered them she avoided them. The Duncans seem to have no stinging effect on her. She would climb on them and she removed them several times and put them in front of her den. There's also an echino in there but the feeder tentacles never come out, ever. Since she died my water quality in that tank is horrible. Couldn't get to her so she's just rotting in there... under about 60lbs of rock.

Glad I got that RO/DI system and a bucket of Reef Crystals. I need to buy a big rubbermaid tub to mix my water. Right now I've got a few 5 gallon buckets and a bunch of powerheads going for my mixing tubs.


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Animal Mother;125525 said:
I need to buy a big rubbermaid tub to mix my water
While you are figuring out the best mixing methods, consider building something to elevate either your fresh or your saltwater container. If you elevate your freshwater container, you can add a siphon with a valve (regular PVC plumbing from local hardware store, nothing fancy or difficult) that can then drain to your saltwater mixing "bucket".

Mine is opposite so I have to use pumps but then I siphon off the saltwater for water changes. Either way, using gravity to feed/drain one of the tanks helps keep things easier.

Also consider looking for a large trash (the larger the better)can with FLAT sides (or at least on flat side) for your freshwater tank. This will accomodate the very inexpensive (may have come with your system) top off valve much better than a rounded bucket. It took me quite awhile to find a flat sided one that would fit in the narrow space I have but it works very well and I always have a quantity of freshwater available for top offs and making salt water.

Animal Mother

Thales;125865 said:
Nice. I worry about those squids though. They take about 40% of your flow and tend to bind.

Get me to Dallas (bug Marc L) and I'll bring you a bunch of frags. :smile:

I probably will ditch the sqwd's, they don't seem to be doing much. I've actually requested Marc build me a sump and internal overflow for my empty drilled cube so when he gets back with me on it I'll drop your name.

Animal Mother

..and more... still housing the pieces in the cube, will hopefully have them in the prop tanks within another couple of weeks.

Got a great deal on this huge purple acan colony...

Love this chalice...

Now I guess I need to go buy a band saw.

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