Post-doc position (Neurophysiology: O. vulgaris)

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    I'm forwarding this message below from a fellow ceph researcher stationed in Italy. For contact information, please send me a private message through here.

    The project calls for experimental neuroscientist to study the neurogenesis and neuroregeneration in two molluscs (Octopus vulgaris and Lymnaea stagnalis). Electrophysiological experiments will involve the development and exploitation of several technics like: calcium imaging and intra/extracellular recordings. The ideal applicant will therefore be skilled in electrophysiology (biophysics) and have an interest in neurogenesis, the candidate should hold a PhD in neuroscience or biophysics, proficiency in spoken and written English and documented experience in whole cell patch clamp, intra-cellular recording and calcium imaging. Solid experience from these techniques and the ability in manage with recording set-up is a substantial advantage. The post offers the opportunity to work on an exciting project in a rapidly developing area of neurogenesis. The position is funded by the San Paolo Foundation and will be available from Mar 2013 for a period of 1 year in the first instance (€ 24,000 per year).

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