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Hello, I've always had an interest in octopus' and was just wondering the basics. As of now I have a 30 gallon tank from a freshwater aquarium i had a while ago. Is this too small? Also, I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with octo-escape artists. I've heard stories of them escaping tanks, any way to prevent this? Answers to these and any other common mistakes/problems you can think of would be much appreciated. (also, if anyone has any ideas for a good tank layout, that would be great.)


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30 may be a bit cramped for a bimac, we suggest a 50 gallon or higher.

I never had any real problems with mine, though when I fed him he'd sometimes reach out of the tank to see what it was like. I'd put duct tape around the holes in your tank if your that concerned about it. Also, you could put astroturf around your tank since they can't get a grip on it. The vulgaris and briareus species can't wait to escape.

And, if you just converted your tank from a freshwater, have you used any copper based treatments in your tank? Copper is lethal to cephs and is a bugger to get out.

Good Luck, and :welcome: to TONMO, Slyder!! :D


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Hi Slyder and welcome to TONMO.com!

Nick is right about the size of the tank. You do have to assume that your octo may try to escape. One of our Tonmo members had a bimac who did just that.

Don't think the astroturf would be effective on a small tank like a 30 or 50 gallons.

Please read the articles we're prepared for new octo owners - just click on the Ceph Care button above. Would recommend the Equipment List and the Checklist for a start.


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