Possible return to commercial whaling?

Steve O'Shea

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My word.

Beware the knee-jerk reaction though, if this results in less whales (than are currently) being harvested annually.

Your thoughts? Please, let's not attack any race! Our good friend Dr Tsunemi Kubodera is Japanese, and he has done so much that is good.


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I really can't make much sense of what the suggested proposals would do. I think I am confused:
Tokyo is also considering a deal which would allow it to drastically scale back its yearly Antarctic hunt provided it is allowed to whale commercially in Japanese coastal waters.
What we have now is a deal which could make it even easier for Japan to continue taking whales in this ecologically unique place," said Rob Nicoll, WWF-Australia's Antarctic and Southern Ocean Initiative Manager.
Commercial whaling is considered banned right? So all whaling is done as "scientific" whaling? If I have that right then the numbers mentioned don't make sense unless they mean 3,000 whales per year (1,000 per country)

Other proposals drawn up over more than a year of closed-door talks include a reduction in scientific catches from current levels of around 1000 whales each year, and limiting commercial whaling to the three nations that currently hunt them.
Commercial whaling was banned under a 1986 moratorium, but Japan aims to harpoon up to 935 minke whales and 50 fin whales, classified as endangered, in the Southern Ocean during the current Southern Hemisphere summer for research purposes.


Colossal Squid
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I am confused like D, But if opening the season on them reduces the number that are being killed each year than I guess it is a good thing. However, I would be very leery of additional loop holes. I guess stopping it all together is out of the question?

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