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Plumbing in a tank for S. Bandensis


O. vulgaris
Feb 25, 2012
I currently have a 120G reef tank with a 40G sump/refugium. My next extension is a 30G macro algae refugium. After that, I was thinking about plumbing in a 50G tank to this system (36"x19"x19") to house some interesting non-reef safe species specific livestock. My plan was to make this more of a FOWLR tank. Originally, I was thinking puffer fish or something like that, but what about couple of S. Bandensis?

The main issue I was wondering about is what happens if they ink? I would obviously have their filtration go straight into the skimmer, but do I risk killing the rest of the tank?


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Jan 22, 2004
No worries. The ink doesn't seem toxic and the skimmer will take it out quickly as it breaks down (unless there is a massive inking event which is kinda rare) I have kept them in similar situations and multi tank systems with fish and corals for years with no problems.

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