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PLEASE READ: Solicitation Policy


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May 30, 2000
We at TONMO understand that ceph-keepers may occasionally have some eggs or young cephalopods for sale, and we want to help facilitate that interaction.

At the same time, we do generate income via advertising, which helps keep TONMO afloat financially. We also want to avoid having people freely overwhelm our community with the intent to sell product.

So, I'd like to post this clarification to our advertising policy:

1) No blatant advertising is permitted on TONMO except through our Advertising Program. If you offer goods on a sustained basis, take a second look. It's quite affordable and a great way to reach a niche audience! There are other options beyond what is posted here, so if you are interested in discussing further, please reach out. Indeed, I'm open to discussing how advertisers might also get a dedicated sticky thread in this forum for the duration of the advert program.

2) If you are a hobbyist TONMO member and wish to buy/sell/trade, you are permitted to post a thread in this forum without being spammy. That is, if you post it as an advertisement it will likely get deleted. But if you provide some context (e.g., "I have some eggs in my tank and would like to sell them to someone in the community, please reply or PM me for details") you are likely to NOT get deleted.

3) Don't abuse #2 (i.e., repeatedly posting such solicitations over time and offer little else to the community), or you'll be deleted and referred to #1, or worse. :smile:

Let me know any questions. Thanks!

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