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:welcome: Iwerzon,

Those things look like Concretions. Alot of fossil cephalopods are found inside Concretions or nodules, I cant see any in those though. A lot of times crystals form inside the concretions as they are dewatered and crack, that looks like what has happened to those you found. Try finding small broken ones and see if there are any fossils inside.


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Coral maybe?

I have found lots of coral in the vacinity also. The 3rd photo must be organic in origin judging by its symetrical shape.

Also, See below with what looks like some sort of brachiopod I think and some definite coral from the same place.




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Yes, those are definately Corals, both colonial and solitary, a brachiopod in the center, and what looks like a section of a crinoid stem on the left of the bottom photo (have a closer look at that stem and see if maybe it is cephalopodish). The top photo looks like it has bryozoans on it, kinda hard to see.

The third photo below does have symetry to it, alot of concretions are symetrical too. It looks like a echinoid but I still think (without a good close examination) it is a concretion.

At first look, it looks like a good Paleozoic, possibly Carboniferous, fossil locality. Keep looking and keep posting and good luck. :grin:


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I really can't add anything to Kevin's post, but I'd just like to welcome you to TONMO. Always good to have a fossil collector here; the octopus owners outnumber us 20:1, but there's nothing wrong with being in the minority!

Have fun here Iwerzon and I look forward to reading more posts by you in the future.

:welcome: Phil

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