Plants for octo tank?


Larger Pacific Striped Octopus
My tank looks pretty boring these days as there is really nothing in either of my octo tanks.

I noticed that Live Aquaria has a few plants for sell and I was thinking of putting some in the tanks.

Any of these...

Tell me what you think and/or if there are any that I should stay away from.


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With the exception of the mangroves, they are all macro algaes and all are find for an octopus aquarium but may not live long (IME). I like to keep a piece of Halimeda, shaving brush or sea pansy (mermaids fan) in the sand infront of my LR just to add the green color. You might also look at sponges and/or gorgonians to add a little color.

The gracilaria, sea lettuce and cheato will float and come apart. I find them better suited for a refugium or my food tanks than for a display. Some gracilaria will root to rocks but not the kind pictured.

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