Pimp My Ride


Colossal Squid
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I remember someone posted an octopus decal that I thought was cool, but I think it was over a year ago... it was probably in "squid and octopus spotting" or one of the similar threads in the "culture" section...

Congrats on the car, in any case... I rented one of those once, and thought it was pretty nice.


O. bimaculoides
I'd like to cover my car in tentacles, but I don't think I could.

I'll settle for some cool decals, floor mats, etc.

My dad sold me the car for $1. It's my first car (I'm 27); before I was dependent on public transportation, awesome friends, and my own 2 feet. I'm a firm believer in public transportation and walking, but damn was it nice to be in that car when it started raining today...

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