Pheromones and hormones during reproduction season


G'day again all

hope you enjoyed the pictures posted of our Giant Cuttle

I have a new question that maybe someone may be able to help me with

During the spawning season do Cuttles ( specifically Sepia apama ) release any Pheromones or hormones in to the water ?

reason I ask is last night I acquired what I believe to be a female and would like to put it on the same system (separate tank) to our male cuttle

reason I ask is I have had problems in the past with tropical freshwater fish linked on one system in which on tank spawned causing the other tank to brawl (was a male only tank and they could smell the female , well that's what I assume)

so does any one have any experience with this problem with cuttles or are they much more reliant in visual communication in the courtship and attracting a mate (clearly a dominant feature of spawning in cuttles)

any advice or direction to information would be greatly appreciated

thanks again in advance


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