PETA Protesters Converge Outside Restaurant That Serves Live Octopus - PETA (press re


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PETA Protesters Converge Outside Restaurant That Serves Live Octopus
[SIZE=-1]PETA (press release)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]New York -- Carrying signs reading, "Octopus Dismembered Alive" and "Animals Steamed Alive," PETA supporters will demonstrate outside two New York ...[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]PETA Protests Restaurants Serving Live Octopus[SIZE=-1]Gothamist[/SIZE][/SIZE]
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Colossal Squid
While I personally may not agree with the whole "live" thing, PETA isn't exactly Captain Planet either, given their record and who they support.


Larger Pacific Striped Octopus
I think eatting live anything is pretty horrible. I cant even go to Red Lobster and pick out my own lobster cause that means that I just ordered it to its death. BUT that having been said... PETA is a HORRIBLE org. They are hippocrates and liars. They always put animals above people and very EXTREEME. I have no love for PETA. The poor octos on the other hand... well people have been doing this for a long time. I hate to say it but to many they are just food. I went to buy my octos food from the docks near where I live and right next to the live clams was a rack of dead octos. To me I think its much like what happens in India with the cows. To me an octo is a beautiful cunning animal that would be my pet but to others they are just the "hamburger" of the sea


Haliphron Atlanticus
I agree. PETA is vile and destructive, and they turn off good people who might otherwise support animal welfare.

As one of the handful of people who have kept a "pet" octopus, the thought of eating one, especially alive, strikes an emotional discord in me, so I wouldn't enjoy it. However, when I try to justify denouncing the practice, the rational part of my mind threatens a walk-out. How can I think it's fine for me to feed a live crab to my octopus, and at the same time, think it's cruel for a waiter to feed a live octopus to a Korean guy? "Oh, that way madness lies; let me shun that"


Staff member
I suppose this is one of the things that makes humans different (we have a hard time defining this any more :hmm:) . We can object or not and when we do, it can be a matter of degrees. My issue with live octos being served in a restaurant is with them not killing the animal first. It can be done swiftly and the diner can still see it (yuck) wiggle on the plate but why would they prolong the suffering of the animal?


O. bimaculoides
Who the hell has a hankering for live octopus. I won't even eat dead octopus. Sounds more like a thrill ride than an appetizing meal. "Oh look at me I ate live octopus..."

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