Pet Store Ignorence

Discussion in 'Cephalopod Journals' started by cephaloholic, Dec 12, 2008.

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    So i walked int o my local pet stor and found an octopus in a reef tank. At first i was excited to see it but i took another look and saw that IT WAS A BIMAC!!!!!!! I flipped out in my head but calmly told the saltwater department that bimacs need cooler temperatures seeing that they are from california. And then I'm told in a cocky voice that bimacs need warm water and do well in reef tanks. I may be only a teen but I'm not stupid. That octopus is going to perish and it will be there own fault for not listening to me.
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    believe me, I have the same problems, it sucks, I find that it is better to e-mail the store so they don't necessarily know your age, or tell your parents what to say and have them say it... at least... my mom doesn't lose an arguement easily:hmm:
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    As an alternate, are you sure it was a bimac and not a hummelincki, they both have blue eye spots? The problem is, of course, that the pet store has no clue and will give bad advice to the new owner as if they did.

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