Osgood won't come out of the net!


Larger Pacific Striped Octopus
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Jul 13, 2008
Livonia, MI
I got a new-GIANT (old!) briareus from Tom on Tuesday. To get it out of the acclimation bucket, I had to use a giant coffee mug and transfer went with no problems. But now it won't come out of the mug to look around and see that there are way better places to live, much more suitable chunks of LR, and even a new big chunk of Texas Holey rock that I got just for it. Every day it has rearranged the small rocks and shells in front of the mug (I tend to think in terms of a hockey goalie who doesn't want to come out of his net- it's named for the Red Wings' net minder) it's arms are so long that it can reach tons of stuff from where it is- and never seems to have left the "net!" Even at night when I get up and check, still in the mug!

My question is: should I move the mug or LR around it to encourage the beast to find a better home (and reclaim the coffee mug), or leave things be, as we can see it well and it seems to be shy, if I give it a better place to hide we might only see the tip of it's arms! Hoping it's a female, maybe the mug is a great place to lay eggs...


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Mar 23, 2005
Off the top of my head, since I've never kept any cephs, my inclination is to leave it alone. If it seems content, and there isn't any reason to fear for it's safety there, then let it make it's own decisions. maybe it appreciates the nice smooth surface, as opposed to rough rock!


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
My advice would be to leave it in the mug. It may decide to move on its own. It's a positive thing that your octopus feels comfortable and secure in the mug and considers it a den.



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Sep 4, 2006
Gainesville, GA
I don't know which would be most effective. I am inclinded to sit on my hands and wait but the results are not always what you hope for. SueNami will reach from behind her rocks to snag her shrimp on a stick (and try to take the stick too) and we occassionally see eyes and maybe a little mantle. As of this weekend, we finally have some hope that she will start to come out as she ventured out uncoaxed for a couple of seconds yesterday, came fully out for her shrimp later and came out and explored for shrimp tonight. If you combine all the sitings (we only see her at feeding time) over her first month, we have seen more of her - both time and body view - in the last two days than in all the prior sitings combined. If your new guy is viewable, you might leave him alone just because you can see him. I do not have a feel for the briareus yet so I have no clue as to if they would become more shy or adapt more quickly with interference. Thales experimented with the Macropus and coaxed his to accept the household schedule but Bel sets the interaction time here and refuses to make an appearance before 11:30 (but is now quite regular at waking up at that time).

Also, I know you are not the best with guestimating sizing and briareus is much larger than any octo you have kept todate so I have to ask how big is GIANT (make a guess using your fingers then MEASURE the distance you guessed :sagrin:)? Then check your measurement with the numbers I have for SueNami and we might get a better idea on how old she/he might be.

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