Open brain (Trachyphyllia geoffroyi) and cuttles


I'm about to release my kids into the reef but I'm concerned about a large open brain that I have. Anyone have any experience with combining the two? Every night the coral is open for business and the feeding tentacles look nice and stingy/sticky.


First and foremost, I am new to cuttles so you are much further along. I am still caring for a new hatchling and waiting for the other eggs to hatch.

If you check the sources it says that it is a semi-aggressive coral in that it should be separated from neighboring corals to avoid it stinging. The fact that it notes it is a stinging coral would give me concern. It does however mention that it is a filter feeder and doesn't rely on "food" to sustain itself.

Hopefully someone who has experience with the combination of the two will chime in. Good luck with your newly released cuttles.

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