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May 30, 2000
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Breaking News - 7/18/02


Giant squid washes up on Washington shore

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Re: Breaking News: 7/18
Reply #1 Posted at Thu Jul 18 20:27:29 2002
.....they make absolutely lousy bait though - the only thing I've ever seen eat a dead one is a maggot, though confused gulls and sharks take a nibble every now and then
-- Steve O'Shea

Re: Breaking News: 7/18
Reply #2 Posted at Fri Jul 19 13:42:41 2002
I was right...I did see this story on the news...whew...and I thought I was suffering from a lack of caffeine at the time. Anybody know why it took so long for this story to make it to the internet press? I was searching the net forever for this story to send on to Colin and to post on this site. Our local news folk called the animal....can you guess...Architeuthis
-- amcarrig

Re: Breaking News: 7/18
Reply #3 Posted at Fri Jul 19 14:22:27 2002
I'm guessing it makes crappy bait due to the ammonia in it?

-- Bennett

Re: Breaking News: 7/18
Reply #4 Posted at Fri Jul 19 21:08:24 2002
Last Modified at Fri Jul 19 21:10:17 2002 by Steve O'Shea
Yup, quite high concentrations of ammonium ions throughout the mantle (relative to Sodium ions), but this ratio decreases down the animal, from head, arms to tentacles. Using the ammonium/sodium ion ratio as an index of buoyancy you can show the mantle to be far more buoyant than the head, the head far more buoyant than the arms, and the arms a little more buoyant than the tentacles, and the tentacles not buoyant at all.

Yup, in other words, Architeuthis suspends itself in the water column at an approximate 45 degree angle, with its arms suspended below and tentacles hanging down. This is not an animal that darts madly about in the water column - and we have depth-sound imagery of it doing just this - hanging there. Archi, we know where you are and just how to find you, we know what you're doing, when you're doing it, and with whom. Basically you haven't a chance - we're out to film you.

...Richard Ellis would be a happy wee camper to read this - RE, you did, afterall, say this very thing a few years ago ay what! Jolly good stuff too.

-- Steve O'Shea

Re: Breaking News: 7/18
Reply #5 Posted at Mon Jul 22 03:54:42 2002
Last Modified at Mon Jul 22 03:55:24 2002 by Steve O'Shea
....new news under an old posting.

One x giant squid washed ashore over the weekend off the top of South Island, New Zealand (no, no press - we're a little press shy down here these days).

One x giant squid washed up in Tasmania (South Australia) this morning. Poor George Jackson had kittens when beseiged by the press on a shore.

These brutes are now mating/spent at this time of the year in the South Pacific, so their strandings come as no surprise. What is surprising is that we haven't had more, although there's another 6 weeks in the 'season' for them down here.

...you read it here first!

-- Steve O'Shea

Add Me Re: Breaking News: 7/18
Reply #6 Posted at Tue Jul 23 03:27:33 2002
Jeez Steve that is soooo fascinating about that ammonia content effecting its angle while suspended in the water. Now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense.

When did you guys perform this depth imagery w/ the giant squid and how did you confirm it was indeed a squid? That is awesome info.

-- Bennett
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