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[Old Board Archive] Bimaculoides' substrate


Staff member
May 30, 2000
Bimaculoides' substrate|xcooxoolx|
Colin's equipment list recommends fine sand for a general cephalopod substrate. I've read about its tendency to cloud up the water when disturbed and this makes me reluctant to purchase it. Logic leads me to believe that the bimaculoides, a species I assume doesn't bury, wouldn't mind the abrasive nature of a course substrate. Is this true?

Re: Bimaculoides' substrate|octomonkey|
Hi Ctech
sorry i took so long to reply but i am on a vacation

anyway, when you get sand from a lfs, without exception, it is usually really messy!! The last lot of sand i cleaned took over an hour for a 47gal tank and still wasnt perfect.
as long as you clean out the sand in water in a bucket until it is clean it really wont make a mess in your tank. If the octo stirs it up a bit it settles within seconds.

The bimac is a mudflat octopus and would not appreciate a rough substrate. fine sand is best..

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