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ok before i do this


Sepia elegans
Feb 24, 2005
alright now before i get my friend to order me a new octo (hopefully cuttlefish if it shows up on the list first) does anyone around here know where i can aquire either sepia O. or pharo? ive been looking for ever and its starting to drive me insane. anyway hopefully someone will chime in with the magic words " theres some here!" and i can finally aquire some cuttlefish if not ill just have to settle for another octopus


Nov 22, 2004
Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Sepia pharaonis will be near imposible to get I don't think I've ever seen them on the pet trade before in the US, but thats not to say one comes in every now and then. However, they are larger than officinalis (around 12-18inches) so they are not good for the home aquarium. You might have better luck in trying to get Sepia officinalis, but I only see them every now and then.

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