Oh the humanity


Well. i guess the damage from my power head was to much, i lost my first octo today, not even 1 week of having it in the tank :(

i want to order from octopets.com for my second, but being the fact im in canada and their in the states i dont know if they deliever to my door still.

If anyone from canada has ordered from octopets.com could pm me about the price of shipping and other such details, and if they gave u an arrival day. thanks



O. bimaculoides
Jamie, I contacted octopets via email regarding delivery to Cnanada and haven't gotten a response yet. I have, however, sent out a few emails to suppliers in Canada and will let you know if I get a hit with one. Does anyone know if LFS in Michigan or northern New York state get any in on a regular basis as I am only a couple of hours from the border. Thanks.


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