Of cephalopods such as shrimp


That line appears in a Google search -- but the paper may be interesting anyway.

Here's the line snagged by Google:
The hemolymph of cephalopods, such as shrimp, contains the respiratory pigment hemocyanin dissolved in the...
Well, a shrimp has ten legs -- that makes him a decapod, right? And decapods and octopods are cephalopods; it's obvious. ;)

The species used was O. maya, and the paper is entitled
The effects of fish hydrolysate (CPSP) level on Octopus maya (Voss and Solis) diet: Digestive enzyme activity, blood metabolites, and energy balance

The link is here:

The abstract is intriguing: It shows a four-to-one difference in octopus growth rates on fresh crab over a protein-enhanced "science diet", and may be worth reading for feeding considerations.


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I read an abstract on another study trying to find a cheap feed for octopuses looking for ways to grow them as food. They concluded a similar outcome.

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