octos with nudis,sea hare??

Discussion in 'Octopus Care' started by gpx1200, Jan 22, 2013.

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    i have an aptaisa ishue in my octo tanks and the pepermint shrimp get aeten before they can finish the job so i'm thinking of trying some aptaisa eating nudis and also a sea hare to take care of some hair alge.
    does anyone know if an octo will eat sea slugs or nudis??
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    Octopus naturally eats snails and the nudibranchs have little protection except poison (I don't know if the berghia has even this protection). I have successfully kept a scutus with several octos (only a half shell that he can't hide in) but ultimately he was eaten by my vulgaris. There have been several attempts with sea hares but they have all disappeared quickly. The larger seahares will ink when molested and I am unsure about the safety of that in the water. I like keeping a cowrie and have successfully kept one with an octopus but they will slim if molested and can be a concern for blocking filtration. I have had some sliming with new octos but both survived and the octos learn to leave the cowrie alone. However, another member reported a major issue with slime that almost ruined his pump and required a major clean up.

    You can try snails with an operculum (the little trap door some snails have) as they will often survive (at least for a while, often over several octopuses). I just picked up some large Astrea's from SealifeInc and they have really helped with the algae on the glass (you can almost see into my barren reef tank now and the front is covered with hair algae). I put several in with all three octos and still have at least some of them.

    I know it is not much help for the immediate problem but adding live rock and peps when there is no octo in residence seems to work better than trying to introduce them when the current resident is accustomed to anything coming into the tank being food. Additional live rock will give the shrimp more hiding areas if they currently have a limited choice.
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    My seahare lasted less than 24 hours lol

    I remember the seahare going into the rockwork and never came out

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