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Octos and corals


Larval Mass
Jan 18, 2009
Been looking for a larger tank for my briareus. Came across one heck of a deal on a 90 gallon

Guessing most of these corals that come with this tank would be a problem for the octopus? How about a cuttlefish?

Animal Mother

Sep 8, 2006
The SPS pieces won't be a problem for an octopus, but I would worry that it would knock them over or pull them around and tear them up. Doesn't take any effort at all to snap montipora into pieces. I see some "trumpet/candy cane" corals and euphyllia of sorts and those would burn the octos skin.

Cuttle might do just fine with those corals, but I wouldn't swear on it. Those LPS can and do occasionally have some sweeper tentacles extend out into the water column.

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