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octopus symbolism?


Larval Mass
Sep 6, 2006
Hi! I need some information about the symbolism of the octopus. I know, from my art teacher, that the octopus is a symbol of intelligence, loneliness and maternal care (in art class we had to pick a symbol, object or animal which would represent each one of us, and mold it out of clay, so I chose the octopus, and asked my teacher of it's symbolism), but I need more detailed information. I plan to use it in my art projects :tentacle2: , and I also want to design my own future tattoo :wink: . If you guys know anything pleeez, tell me. Thanks:heee:


TONMO Supporter
Staff member
Mar 8, 2004
It's also been used as an allegorical symbol for organizations that "reach into a lot of things." I think there was a book critical of the railroad barons called "The Octopus," for example, and people have posted cartoons from WW2 representing the Nazis and/or Fascists as an octopus reaching out to all of Europe.

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