Octopus sketch


Haliphron Atlanticus
differentiation ? :yuck: followed by depressing bouts of integration ?
you have my sympathy :cry:
six wasted years, six wasted years, SIX WASTED YEARS
& I've still never, ever, once, pas, nicht, nada, not one solitary time used calculus outside of a classroom.
stick to drawing, way cool :rainbow:


O. bimaculoides
Colin said:
what's the octo thinking about in those bubbles??? :)
Oh, he's pondering nodal sinks, spiral sources, Picard iterations--- dark and twisted thoughts that belong in the mind of an octopus :cthulhu:

Assuming I can recover from another week of math trauma, I might head down to the beach and Octopets.com tomorrow. I talked to Jim, and he agreed to let me look around his octopus farm next time I'm in San Diego. I shall certainly take some photos for everybody, if Jim doesn't mind.



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Yes, say hi to Jim and find out what's new - he was hoping to have some new breeding programs.

Hundreds of little bimacs should be a hearwarming sight!



O. bimaculoides
Alas, Jim seems to be elsewhere this weekend. I've called a few times today and yesterday, and sent him an e-mail, but no luck. Guess my octopets visit will have to wait until next semester.

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