Octopus rubescens in CA


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I was about to ask if that was an O.rubescens when I saw the video name. Unfortunately, I can't get to the video but will try again later.

I could not play it at all with IE but with FireFox, it asked for download permission. Once I downloaded it, I could play it with QuickTime.

It just looks so strange to see an octopus wandering out of the water. It makes me wonder if I have missed seeing this through lack of observation or if the Caribbean species are less prone to tidal pool trolling.


Where were you when you saw them? I saw a bunch scuba diving in Monterey. I couldn't see any false eyes on the ones I saw, so I was suspecting they were O. Rubescens.


Haliphron Atlanticus
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There seems to be a plague of O. rubescens out there right now. Last week our Invertebrate Zoology class saw 8 large adults in an hour including 5 under one large rock. What is surprising is that they were tidepooling at Marina Green.


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