Octopus owners in Southern California


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Passing this on from a TONMO.com visitor - sounds like fun for the right person! Be sure to give a plug to TONMO.com during the show :wink:

Thanks, Tony. I would appreciate having this posted in your forum, and you can give my contact information.

We are looking for octopus owners, located in Southern California, who would like to participate in webisodes on the octopus. Information will cover everything about the octopus, including how to raise an octopus as a pet. We will film at your aquarium.

Jones TV produces webisodes and television shows on animals. Please visit www.jonespets.tv to view some of the other videos that we have produced.

To participate, please contact Benjamin Brown at bb@jonestv.tv.

Thank you.

Benjamin Brown


Colossal Squid
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That sounds cool. too bad it's for so.cal.


Colossal Squid
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:welcome: Jones TV! You may want to send a private message to bluespotocto as well just in case he misses this thread...


Haliphron Atlanticus
I dont know if you would want to do it right now because my octo has only come out once in about 2 months of haveing her. Also it is not the best time for me to do it. Sorry:sad:

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