Octopus night lighting?

Discussion in 'Octopus Care' started by abdopus147, Mar 23, 2012.

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    Hi, I am currently keeping a nocturnal octopus and have had trouble finding it in the dark. It's wild so light freaks it out, I read an article mentioning that fish can not see the color red and I started researching. I was wondering do octopus see red, and what is a recommended aquarium night light for a 55 gallon octopus tank? Thank you.
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    I use red lighting with all my nocturnals and crepuscular octopuses. I have experimented with various red lights and have not found one superior to the other. In one case, I used high temp mylar (like that used to temporarily fix broken tail lights) to create a red light environment. For the nocturnals, I leave the red light on 24/7. This way the darkest it ever gets is with the light on and they have all adjusted quite well.

    There is a sticky at the top of the Tank Talk forum with some sources and suggestions

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