Octopus in the UK


Larval Mass
hi, i'm new here and new to keeping octopus

I have kept marines for a while now including seahorses, morays, stonefish, lionfish ect, aswell as dangerous freshwater fish like 4 species of piranha and an electric eel.

anyway, i have a 30gal tank spare at the moment and want to keep an octopus (done a fare bit of research and know about water quality ect).
what is the best species to keep in a tank this size that shouldn't be a problem to get hold of in the UK?
anyone know of where to get them?

i have been in contact with someone, but his suppliers can only get vulgaris at around 2" (grow too big for a tank this size?) and blue ringed (i know they are deadly and would love one, but have heard they live only for a few months which is putting me off :sad: )

any ideas guys?


Larval Mass
Animal Mother;84775 said:
Just an FYI but a few months to a year and a half is all you can expect out of any octopus.
thanks, i now that they have short lifespans, but don't really want something that will live for 1 or maybe 2 months - which is what it sounds like with blue ringed. whats the longest anyone here has kept a blue ring for?

i know that vulgaris can have a long life span in terms of octopus age anyway :razz:

Animal Mother

I think a bluerings entire lifespan is around 6-8 months. You're lucky if you get a young one. I don't think anyone here advocates keeping bluerings because of their potential to kill.

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