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Octopus cyanea research

Anne Benolkin

Larval Mass
Mar 11, 2015
I thought this forum would be an excellent resource to rustle up some dedicated citizen scientists that might want to help a grad student with cephalopod research.

I'm a newbie to this board so if I violate any rules or if other users have suggestions for me please let me know!

My name is Anne and I am a graduate student at Alaska Pacific University and I am currently doing research on the body patterns of Octopus cyanea.

My project requires photographs and videos of Octopus cyanea. These images will be analyzed to answer questions about body pattern generation

here is an excerpt from my proposal:
"Octopus body patterns are used for camouflage and communication. Octopuses are able to change their body pattern though rapid neurally controlled polyphenism (able to express variable phenotypes). Body patterns are assembled from a variety of components, (spots, blotches, stripes) each component that makes up a pattern may or may not be independently expressed. Body patterns have been difficult to study because they are complex, rapidly changing, and not obviously stereotyped.Despite the lack of obvious stereotyping previous studies of body patterns do not usually quantitatively cover the variety of combinations of components that make up a pattern.

Using photographs and videos captured during several feeding bouts of Octopus cyanea I will explore the relationship between components within a pattern. I will identify statistically robust clusters of components by body region and compare them to previously identified overall body patterns. This will provide future scientists with a useful taxanomic tool as well as provide insight into the plasticity of body patterns of Octopus cyanea."

You can help me by either sending me your photos and videos of Octopus cyanea which is active in the day and found in the indopacific including Hawaii

Or if you really want to help out go to this link:


and follow this instructions, it takes a little lime to figure it out and get used to it but from there on out it is smooth sailing!

Thanks everyone!


Haliphron Atlanticus
Staff member
Dec 31, 2003
Welcome! Send me a message with your email address and I can send you a dropbox link to pics and video of O. cyanea from Indonesia, Palmyra and Hawaii.


Staff member
May 30, 2000
Cool! :thumbsup: I haven't tried it but with 15 years of content, I wouldn't be surprised if you found something useful via our site search. Good luck!

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