Pygmy Octopus
I see some Octopus chierchiae available in Bali. I may have two extra depending on how well they ship. Anyone interested? I'd like to deal with someone in the SF bay area or clost to here so there is little stress from transport.
They are very expensive but well worth it
$240 ea obo


Probably a Wunderpus, if they're claiming chierchiae.

Arakkis, policy on TONMO is that we discourage ownership of these species as their numbers are unknown and we do not know the effect collection has on their populations.


Pygmy Octopus
uhh btw neurobadger, the animals are comming from Bali, if they are from South Americia.. I think due to the fact they are on the wrong side of the world, it's safe to say he ain't making it back one way or another. I'm pretty sure they got it as an accident to begin with.


Arakkis;181911 said:
I'm pretty sure they got it as an accident to begin with.
Accidental or not, I highly doubt they have a true O. Chierchiae as they seem to be extremely rare. I would find it even more unlikely that someone in Bali would be able to get them so easily when a few of TONMO's staff members had tried very hard to get a large enough group to have a sustainable breeding group. If they do come in and truely are what they say they are I would highly recommend giving them to a scientific institute that know how to properly handle them and maybe be able to do something scientifically benifical with them. I have seen a few websites lable their octopus as O. Chieriae, but they are always mis-ID'd wunderpus or mimics. Good luck. I hope you post some really nice pics/vids of them when you get them.


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I am pretty sure its a mis id. Not only does stuff generally not ship to Bali (just from), but this particular mis id has become popular over the last few years. All of the 'zebras' and sometimes being lumped in as whatever scientific name comes up first.

If it is an O.c, or if anyone gets their hands on O.c please contact me or Roy! :grin:

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