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Octopus Chierchiae (Lesser Pacific Striped Octopus) Jatta, 1889


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Sep 4, 2006
Gainesville, GA
Aquarium Invertebrates: Octopus chierchiae – The Lesser Pacific Striped Octopus
By Richard Ross 2010 (article Advanced Aquarist)
(With special thanks to Dr. Roy Caldwell) Octopus chierchiae is an amazing little animal and is clearly worth further study.

In recent years there has been much public interest in the so-called ‘zebra’ octopuses - Wunderpus photogenicus and Thaumoctopus mimicus. And with good reason, as these animals can be stunning in coloration, patterning and displays. As their common moniker implies, these octopus can display distinctive black and white stripes over their mantle and arms. But there is another ‘zebra’ octopus that is rarely seen which may turn out to be even more fascinating than its better known cousins – the pygmy octopus Octopus chierchiae. ...

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