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Im new to TONMO, but have been on here for a while because I'm in the process of getting the equipment to set up an octo tank. I hope to get a Bimac from "Scotts Pet shop" , but I'm not sure what kind it will be. Does anyone know anywhere else to get them around the chicagoland area?

Ok, so im ordering an R/O unit, but I have a question, should I get just an RO unit or an RO/DI?? I can get an RO unit for $50 on craigslist, but an RO/DI will be way more expensive and I don't have a lot of money. So do I need an RO/DI for an octo tank or is a plain RO good enough?




Thanks for the input! Yes I've decided that an RO/DI would be best. I found a Coralife RO unit for a good price on craigslist and I'm going to add on a deionization canister that I'm going to order from amazon- it's cheaper than buying the combined unit. Yes I've heard that copper kills inverts, but I don't think it'll be a problem with an RO/DI. purewaterclub is also a great place for cheap RO/DI units, though I'd rather have a portable one so I don't have to drill into any pipes.


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As you seem to have surmised, you definitely want the DI sand attachment as it is the part of the filtration that removes minerals and metals.

If you can leave the unit set up, it does not matter if it is portable or not. My wall unit is in the garage but I let the waste water empty into the sink (not tapped to the drain). This lets me capture some of the water for plants and my one freshwater (slightly brackish) tank as well as keep an eye on the shutoff. The valve will sometime "stick" and I will have running water even though I am not producing RO. Shutting off the input supply for a day seems to resolve the problem but it will run forever if I don't notice it.

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