octopus at lfs in toronto area

Discussion in 'Sources for Cephalopods and Food' started by corpusse, Oct 18, 2009.

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    May 30, 2009
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    I saw an "atlantic ocotpus" today which was pretty surprising. You rarely see them in this area so I figured I better post here incase anyone from the area wants to check it out.

    It does look a bit big, I'd guestimate the mantle to be about 4" however I could be way off. I've never measured an octopus before. Bunched up it was a big bit bigger then my fist. it just has actinic lights over it so it was really hard to take anything decent with my cell phone.

    The store is dragon aquarium in mississauga, and the price is $99.99

    anyone know what this probably is? I'm just curious more then anything, but with my focus on cuttlefish I won't be getting an octo anytime soon.

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