Octopus as live food - ID request


I am wondering if someone may be able to ID the octopus that is being currently used as live food at a restaurant in NYC. I've posted a video (there are other ones showing the octopuses on Youtube, but quite a bit older.

If it's a species compatible with my setup, it should be easy to get one to take home.

Warning: Video shows an octopus being consumed by humans, so may be graphic to watch...



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It is likely that these are the same animals @davelin315 has been trying to keep. He attempted keeping them in 2009 and again recently They are shipped under VERY cold conditions (potentially liquid oxygen) and thought to be from Korea but the species is unclear. Dave's best success has been with moderately cold water (around 65 deg F - about 18 C) but read through both linked journals for ideas and experiences.

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