octopets and nitrates


Pygmy Octopus
I have 2 questions first, I placed my order via the internet with octopets on friday afternoon, I sent them an email following asking about receive dates, I have not heard from them yet, any ideas on how they go about shipping? second I ran 2 seperate nitrate tests one dry tab test made by aquarium pharmicuticles, the other a liquid drop and zinc powder test by marine enterprises international, one gave a reading of 80ppm and the other 10ppm. which should I believe?


Staff member
Take a sample to your LFS and have them do a test. Could one of your test kits be out of date (more than a year since your opened it)? Some brands are more reliable than others. I'll see if I can find the place online that rated test kits. May take a bit of time.


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