Octo proofing my 29 gallon biocube.

Discussion in 'Tank Talk' started by triggerfreak, Apr 17, 2013.

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    Ok so what all do i need to do to octo proof my 29 gallon biocube tank.I have a 2.5 inch fish saver over the inside back wall.Was put there to stop fish from getting in the back part.I heard somewhere that you can line everything with the pricky side of velcro and the octo will not go across it.Can i just line the lid and the fish saver with this and will it keep him from getting out or into the back chambers.I have not kept a octo in like 12 years or so and this will be the first time trying one in a all in one tank.Thanks!
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    :welcome: triggerfreak,

    Rough surfaces (Velcro, Astroturf, course sponge) are a deterrent but not a guarantee. Velcro and Astroturf get nasty quite quickly and cleaning it is a problem. For the one tank I have that has an overflow compartment (basically a large weir as it it no longer used for filtration and exits to a sump) I have found very course plastic sponge to be the best option. I am not sure of the best source for the kind of sponge I like but I think it may be used for air filtration. I don't glue it on but support it with the ever useful bamboo skewers. Lighting the sump area at night with a small night light also seems useful and I will do this when I have very small animals. With larger animals (too big for a 29 gallon tank) I don't need to block the access but I do find them investigating it with their arms.

    I like to make a suggestion to new member to edit their profiles and include some kind of understandable reference to location (it is not automatic). I suggest city and state/province and country if not US, however, some members choose to be more creative :grin:. This helps a lot when talking about food supplies, local pet stores and the occasional mini-TONMOcon.

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