Octo-Proof lid


Hi all,
I have a cycled 70 gal tank that I'm waiting to mature before I put an octo in it - probably (or hopefully I guess!) I would like to put a briarieus in there. To give you an idea of my tank: it's eurobraced with the 2 pieces cut out on the top. I had put 2 pieces of glass with hinges and locks to octo-proof it, but the heat build up is unbelievable! It's easily over 100 deg here in the summer:sun:, and a fan seems to be doing the trick, but not if the top of the tank is sealed. I've found some window screening that I thought may work, but the frame is made out of some kind of light metal... Any other ideas that would make it secure but easily enough to get into when needed?


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If you use acrylic to cover the tank you can cut holes and use a hot glue gun to attach some screen over the holes.


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Try keeping the lights off for a day and see if the heat still builds. If not, can you raise the light fixture? We bought shelving brackets and put Octane's lights about a foot over the tank and that helped a lot (I also run a fan over the sump).

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