octo' lifespans..


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can i get a general idea of life span for a few of the species of octo?
from what ive been reading most are from 8-12months. are there any that last a few years?


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As a very general rule of thumb, the larger the octopus, the longer the life span. Of the few we have seen as tank born or very young, mercatois (Caribbean dwarf) seem to live from 8-13 months where the Caribean briareus and vulgaris have been kept in a captive environment for as long as 18 months (not tank born). Neogonodactylus has recorded a 3 year old bimac living in his lab (this is highly unusual though). The GPO (Giant Pacific Octopus) has been listed as two to three years in the wild but at least one aquarium claims 6 years in captivity.

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