Octo Egg


Blue Ring
Hi All, I was in my LFS here in HK and the owner gave me an octopus egg (they had 6 of them, one had hatched). Is there any possible way to identify the species from the egg shape and size. I can see the baby inside and I think it is going to hatch in a few days.

The egg is white, semi transparent (as I am sure they all are) and about the size of a large Banderas egg (about 20% larger).

The baby inside is about the size of a mysis shrimp.


Larger Pacific Striped Octopus
Sounds like a cuttle eggs, not octos. You'd definitely have to post a pic. IF it were an octo egg it'd have to be from a large egged species but still very difficult to raise in captivity. Get a photo!

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