Octo companion?


Those should be fine along with nudibranches too but they might be poisonous so beware. Turbo snails and hermits can be added when the octo is larger like what Nancy did with Ollie.


Haliphron Atlanticus
poisonous nudibranches eh?!?!?!?! whats all that about then?!?!?! sounds a bit like the adam an eve thing all over again :lol: !!!

why cant you have turbo snails an hermits before the octo gets there or when its smaller?

i was plannin on stickin my cleanin crew in the sump with a few up top, so he can have a munch an learn to hunt a bit when he's younger.

Plus will prepare him for when im away for say a weekend an no one can feed him for me, so a few crabs or what ever lurkin round could be his little midnight muchy fest stash :heee:


Haliphron Atlanticus
And they most likely will be a snack.

I have blue leg hermits in mine and the have been there since week 1. Ochi moved in yesterday and has already enjoyed 2 of them!

When the octo gets older it will be looking for larger food items. So the little ones most likely will be ignored and uneaten.

I use my sump for food storage as well as cleaning crew. Makes life easier for now. But the day will come that Ochi will need alot more variety!

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