Ocho's 6 Month Update


O. bimaculoides
Aug 10, 2006
Nancy;89667 said:
Ocho looks so much at home in your tank! Can you describe what's in there with her, please?


Just about everything in her tank are plastic decorations except for the rocks, shells and a porcelain looking skull thingy. I have all the artificial plants coming up and out through the rocks so they won't be dislodged and float up from Ochos movement. There's a bunch of empty barnacle shells that she randomly drags around the tank. I also swap out different toys to keep them fresh. The best would probably be the circular plastic container that toys and candy come in from a gumball machine. Just fill it with tank water and it's near neutral buoyancy is interesting for an octo cause when they bring it down, it slowly bobs back up to the surface. The swamp tree root looking decoration is also plastic. I might as well list all the things that make this tank run since they are also in the tank. It's all very basic stuff.

1. Undergravel filter
2. Seaclone skimmer ( I know these have gotten a bad wrap but I think that's because people haven't given enough time to figure out how to fine tune it. It took a little while but I use sight, sound, and feel to find it's "sweet spot" and I get it every time. You should see the gunk I get out of it.)
3. Whisper HOB filter with about 1 1/2 cups of carbon in the Filter bag.
4. Heater

......and of course, Blondie the Damsel.

I think I've covered everything in the tank, but if there's more questions, just ask.

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