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Haliphron Atlanticus
Ok, so it has been awhile, and I finally slowed down on the sprinkler project (It's done!!! :mrgreen: ) here are a few pics of Ochi grabbing on to me and other exploration!! :D


Haliphron Atlanticus
Ochi was aquired on 2-13-04.

Sometimes he looks much bigger like in one of the first photos, where he is near the glass.

It is amazing to see them contstrict and expand their body mass. I am sure 8) looks bigger sometimes, after all they are brothers/sibs??

If you want to have an inch off I am game :lol: :lol:


Haliphron Atlanticus
Tnx guys! :D

The tank is positioned in between two rooms. It really is just a 55 on a stand, but with a few carefully placed plants viola, instant wall divider. (If thats what you were asking Colin)

I would say Ochi has doubled in size since I got him. It hard to say what size he is because he always seems to expand and contract but over all - arm length is well beyond 3" and mantle of almost 2".


Pygmy Octopus
Settling a family fued

Great pictures, congratulations. Maybe you can settle a family fued. Your pictures show clearly to me that the head of the octopus is positioned in front of the eyes instead of behind the eyes? Two people in our house think the head is behind the eyes, two think the head is in front of the eyes. Who is right?


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Well actually, these are Neptune's great pics of his bimac Ochi.

An octopus doesn't really have a "head" the way we usually think of it. Cephalopods: A World Guide shows the head as being around the eye area. The mantle is the body- the bulb like area behind the eyes. The beak (mouth) is underneath, where all the arms begin, on the same side as the suckers.

Hope this helps,


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