Larger Pacific Striped Octopus
Ok the I will post to :wink:

Company name Oceanproaquatics.com-

I do not trust this company. I believe they are either dishonest or incompetent and personally do not trust what they say. They do not appear to know ANYTHING about octopuses nor do they seem care despite being told multiple times that their info on the site is incorrect.

They claim to sell farm raised bimacs however when I ordered I got a California Lilliput Octopus (not something easily confused IMO) and lives in the kelp holdfasts not the tide pools. When I told them of the error the owner claimed no responsibility and simply claimed these were bimacs and some how I was mistaken or maybe one slipped in (though I don’t know how that could happen if these really are farm raised bimacs).

Bottom line is, though I have even been tempted to reorder from them due to octopus shortages, I do not feel they are ethical or trust worthy and can not recommend them.


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review of Oceanproaquatics.com

I don't like them either. I think they are dishonest.

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